My wife and I decided to go to lunch somewhere different yesterday and to mix things up we chose a place downtown (Watson’s Shack & Grill, for those of you in the area). The World Cup Final had just wrapped up and some fans were still lingering which made the atmosphere downtown even more energetic and fun. A girl walked in draped in a French flag to a raucous round of applause from her friends. And the food, a poutine with chicken fried steak and fries covered with chorizo gravy…absolutely delicious.        

As a kid I despised Sundays because it meant the next day I had to go to school. Now as an adult it means the next day is the start of the workweek. But there’s optimism on the horizon and my feelings toward Sunday are slowly changing. I attribute this positive shift to mindset and circumstance, in equal portions.        

As for circumstance, I left a job and company about 9 years ago that I was unhappy with and took a job that was just what I needed at the time. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made professionally, which flowed over to other areas of my life as well. A few years after that, my employer let me start working from home. This new freedom and flexibility opened up a lot of possibilities. No longer did I have to get up as early and get dressed and look presentable for a professional world. Now I get up a little later each day, get a cup of coffee and if weather allows, sit outside and get my day started. This time is mine to slowly get into my day, check e-mails, look at my calendar, and set the stage for a successful day.        

The other part, mindset, has been equally important. There are 7 days in every week and if I dread one of them, Sunday, or worse, Sunday and Monday, that’s a huge chunk of my life not being embraced and lived to its full potential. So…I worked hard to change it. I’m not completely there yet, as my wife will attest, but there’s been significant progress over the past few years.      

There’s a quote I’ve seen several times that I like to remind myself of: “What got you here won’t get you there.” There’s some truth to that. So much of what I’ve accomplished and achieved to this point in my life has come from discipline and structure. That mindset served me well with marathons, saving money, or going to college while working full time. But what if I loosened the grip a bit? Had a little less structure? Where I want to go now is different from where I wanted to go 20 years ago and so a new approach is needed. Days like yesterday, a random Sunday experience of great food and cold beer, might be one of the best ways to get there.

Happy Monday everyone,


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