Playing the Long Game

“Live every day as if it were your last.” We’ve all heard it a million times and while it sounds good in theory, it’s a bit cliché. It’s also not at all realistic and if you really think about it, the advice is kind of reckless, don’t you think?         

Statistically speaking, a 25 year old male today has a 0.13% chance of dying in the next year. That, of course, means at any time over the next 365 days. The odds of that same 25 year old male actually dying tomorrow then is almost nil. In other words, you might want to plan on being here tomorrow.          

I realize this quote wasn’t meant to be so literal but simply a way of saying, “appreciate today because your ass might not be here tomorrow.” Or more specifically…gratitude…thankfulness…kiss your wife or husband or boyfriend or both…maybe even a little more than kiss would be better….and don’t get hung up on the small stuff like red lights and long lines.         

But humans don’t always operate that way. We get grouchy and impatient from time to time because it’s how we’re built. But we’re also built to instinctively look forward. To anticipate and plan. It’s the ultimate display of optimism. And the most successful of us take it even further; we put in motion today what will yield bigger returns tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Why? For one, we enjoy the process of building something great over time but it’s also because we know tomorrow will almost certainly come and when it does we’ll be more than ready to continue building.

Go build some great shit.


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