The Genetic Gift

Birds are born with certain capabilities specifically designed to increase their chances of survival. One of these “skills” is the ability to sleep with one eye open so they can be on the lookout for predators while still getting the sleep they need.          

This is impressive mostly because humans don’t possess this same ability. Yet it didn’t take any skill or hard work on the part of the bird; the bird was simply born that way, the trait a result of genetic luck, if you will.            

I notice a lot of people admire and even envy certain attributes or “things” possessed by others, despite the fact that in many cases what they possess took no skill or hard work to obtain.          

The college students I see on campus where I live driving new Ferraris, the college graduate given the brand new luxury SUV as a graduation gift before they even have a job, or the young couple in their 20s often seen on HGTV with a budget of $750K for their first home.          

Before you admire the shiny objects and those who possess them, ask yourself first if it took any effort or work on their part or, like the bird, if it was simply a biological or genetic gift from someone else.


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