The Family Ties that Limit Us

We don’t choose our families or the circumstances we’re born into but they certainly have the ability to mold us, for better or worse.          

Thing is, the impact our family has on us is completely dependent on us. Where we come from or the hang-ups our parents or siblings have is out of our control. How we deal with them and allow them to shape us, however, is well within our control.           

A lot of people use their circumstances as an excuse. Your siblings treat you like shit? Cut them off or accept it as their problem, not yours. Your parents were bad with money? Learn from their mistakes and do it better.          

Our families have a vision of us that’s usually stuck in time. A lot of times this vision doesn’t allow for change or growth. They often scratch their heads at the decisions we make or the direction we’ve decided is best for us going forward.          

Never apologize for putting yourself first and blowing up the mold. In the words of Elliott Hulse, “These people will drop seeds on you. Don’t let their fucking seeds grow.”


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