Keeping it Simple

People love making things complicated: Diets, fitness, investing, parenting. There are a couple reasons for this. 1) we think impressive results must always require some kind of monumental effort, otherwise, why wouldn’t everybody be doing it? 2) there are those who benefit financially from selling the perception that things are complicated, requiring their assistance…for a fee, of course.           

We’re bombarded by new diets, workout plans, and financial tricks. So called experts talk of charts and technical analysis to support their views on investments. Every day there’s a new diet that is supposedly based on new evidence or scientific findings.           

Thing is, none of it has to be this complicated. At the end of the day it’s about simple math. It’s about putting a plan in place and then stringing together consecutive days, months and years of positive action towards those goals. That’s it.           

Shut out the noise, focus on the basics, and always ask the question: What do they have to gain by making things so complicated?


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