Winter is tough. Not only on the body but the mind. The cold and wind are like repeated slaps to the face, relentless, bitter, and at times painful.           

But for those of us who live in climates that have harsh winters, we make the most of it. We accept it and deal with it, and yes, more than occasionally we complain about it.           

We adjust during this time and focus on indoor projects, reading good books, and appreciating more than ever the invention of indoor heating.           

People who endure harsh winters are warriors. We battle and we fight but more importantly we persevere. We’re tougher for the experience and when spring comes, we feel a sense of accomplishment. Another winter we survived and another winter we thrived, looking mother nature straight in the eyes with chattering teeth and asking, almost taunting, “what else you got?”           

Now that spring is here we’re all the more excited and appreciative because of what we’ve experienced. A hard-fought battle with a well-earned reward: Spring.


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