Friends Will Only Take You So Far

Friends have limitations in what they can or will offer. There are a few who are always there for us, but far more will come and go over the course of our lifetimes. 

We live in a mobile society now. We relocate for better opportunities, we switch jobs more often, and some friends simply annoy us to the point where we intentionally severe ties for our own well-being and sanity.          

All of this makes it even more important to reach out to a wider, more diverse group, utilizing what we have at our fingertips; social media, the Internet, and the multitude of other means we use to connect that don’t require face to face contact.

We should expand our circle not to cut ties with those who are important to us but because those on the inside will only get us so far. They won’t always be our biggest supporters or cheerleaders, especially if we start growing in a new direction.         

And really, that’s the way it should be. We want to be surrounded by those who drive us towards improvement, not mock or hinder our progress. Those on the inside can provide us with memories but those on the outside can provide us with opportunities.   


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