Keeping the Salt Out of My Drink

You know what the best part of vacation is? Not working is near the top, of course. Those of us in the US have a real vacation issue, as in not taking enough of it.

But besides not working, the best part for me is standing in the ocean with a drink in my hand and trying to successfully keep the waves and salt out of my Yeti.

There’s something to be said for the stimulating feeling I get from being hit by wave after wave while being slightly intoxicated.

Turning my body sideways and raising my Yeti in the air, preparing to be slammed, is a form of vacation exercise for me. And an enjoyable one at that. I’m halfway convinced that I could eliminate the stair master and other cardio if I just lived closer to the ocean.

Sadly, this year’s vacation is now in the books but no need to hang my head; I’m already preparing for my next visit to the beach where my focus will again be on enjoying the warm ocean water…and trying to keep the sand out of my drink.



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