Another Kind of Warrior

Showing up at the gym the obvious always hits you as soon as you walk in the door: Young guys in tanks, young girls in the requisite tights and sports bras, and physiques that scream for your attention.

My thought is usually, “check back with me in 20 years.” You know, after life has beaten you up a little. After kids, after a failed marriage, after the demands of a real job and career. Some will persevere, many won’t.

Among these fit specimens, going about their business, putting in the work and rarely seeking attention, are another kind of warrior.

They rarely have the impressive physiques of the younger crowd, they don’t always have the best form, but they are warriors, nonetheless.

I’ve seen a guy with a prosthetic leg, a guy who uses a walker to get around, even a blind man who works with staff to get from machine to machine.

Then there’s the over 50 crowd, sometimes well over 50. The crowd that’s a little overweight and a little out of shape. They have no obvious disabilities other than the effects of time on their bodies. But they show up and they put in the work, seeking health and longevity. Day after day, year after year.

Next time you go to the gym, look a little deeper and save some respect for the efforts being put in by the imperfect but equally committed.

In the “look at me” generation, save some admiration for the quiet ones.


1 thought on “Another Kind of Warrior

  1. Yes Rick!!! Well written and perfect observation. I love the “check back with me in 20 years”. Thank you for writing this. In a world where perfection is seemingly everything, the quiet ones are filled with knowledge and the warrior spirit. This is truly a great one Rick! Thank you!!!


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