Times They Are a Changing

There was a time when business and finance were staples of my daily reading. The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine and CNBC online made up most of my reading list.

My musical tastes were tilted in favor of the 80s genre since I was a teenager in high school during this decade of big hair, greed and excess. I also threw in a healthy dose of hard rock and metal.

Recently I looked around and noticed…things have definitely changed.

I can’t remember the last time I picked up a Wall Street Journal. I still subscribe to Fortune Magazine, but each issue goes from my mailbox, to my desk, to the recycling bin without ever being opened.

My musical tastes have also changed. I haven’t intentionally listened to an 80s song in I don’t know how long, although sometimes I’ll keep tuned in if a good song happens to come up on a station I’m listening to.

Now I’ve found myself shifting to other genres. Something new and unfamiliar. Classical. Jazz. Even some old school country and a healthy dose of Kenny Chesney, Zach Brown and Sturgill Simpson.

And, shockingly, there are times I just turn the radio off. I’ve even started to take my headphones out at the gym. Fumbling with my phone and headphones is becoming more of a distraction for me. Get in, do the work, get out.

Today I spend most of my time reading fiction. Great novels that draw me in and take me away for a while each day. A healthy escape.

I guess I no longer feel like reminiscing and living in the past. Honestly, how many times can you listen to the same song until you get tired of it. For me, the exciting stuff lies ahead, not behind.

I’m also more confident of myself than I’ve ever been before. Not cocky. Not arrogant. Just committed to doing what I enjoy and what’s good for me, physically and mentally. You can’t fake confidence and contentment. It has to come from within.

As a result of this increased confidence, I’m not intimidated or impressed by big talkers or those in higher positions. Big talkers are hiding something, I’m convinced. An insecurity. A need to impress. Something. Just because they’re louder doesn’t in any way indicate that they are smarter.

Instead I’m impressed and drawn in by those who make me laugh and think. Those who have something interesting to add to the conversation and aren’t just there for the attention. In other words, real people with substance.

There really wasn’t a set destination to any of this. I didn’t set out to shift my habits or tastes. But sometimes that’s the preferable way because it’s natural and unforced. In other words, it’s real.

Sometimes change is intentional and sometimes it just happens. We’re completely unaware until one day we look around and think, “how did I get here?” Then realize, it doesn’t really matter how we got here, as long as it feels right.


4 thoughts on “Times They Are a Changing

  1. Hi Rick

    I love the last line – ‘it doesn’t really matter how we got here, as long as it feels right.’

    Sometimes when you read people in social media, blogs and podcasts you end up feeling bad because you haven’t set any concrete goals. There’s nothing wrong with being intuitive, and focusing on the day to day in little steps of daily good intentions.

    And, frankly, there’s nothing with 80s music (I was listening to a new romantics mix on Spotify when I opened this post), if it suits your goal for the day (i just needed some unchallenging, uplifting music, that my partner wouldn’t hate).
    The 80s music and the CNBC were just the version of you moving ahead form, probably, your past or your parents past. Now, it sounds like you’re moving forward from a previous version of you. You definitely have a growth mindset.
    That’s why we keep reading your blog.

    Have a great day Rick


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    1. Thank you Shaun! Appreciate you reading and taking the time to send this note. And enjoy the music! Good music is totally subjective and that’s the beauty of it. And sometimes you just have to go with what serves the purpose at the time. Thanks again 👊


  2. I know what you mean…time changes things. At 50, I have found that I am more focused on the things that bring me pleasure, spending quality time with family and friends, and making the most of every moment. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Completely agree. Things seem to get calmer. More assured.

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