Frugal Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

I mentioned in prior posts how finding ways to save more and be smarter with your money doesn’t always require big changes. After years of looking for efficiencies in my own habits, I still come across some low hanging fruit from time to time.

In our family our coffee consumption fluctuates most days depending on who’s in the house, how early they need to leave, and how much caffeine they require to function on that particular day.

As a result, on most days, we have some coffee left over. For years I would simply dump the coffee and repeat the process the next day.

Now, instead of dumping the coffee, I just brew over what’s left. None of us notice any difference in the taste since the majority is still fresh, and the amount of coffee we save is significant.

Being the numbers guy that I am, I did the math:

# of scoops per week (avg) 3 x 7 = 21

# of scoops per month = 84

# of scoops per year = 1,008

Even I was shocked at the amount of coffee we’re saving. Before I didn’t think twice about dumping it down the drain and now, I not only feel better about not wasting the coffee but also saving a little cash in the process.

Let me know if you’ve found any unique ways to save a little more and waste a little less. I’ll share them in future posts.

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