Wall Street: Boom and Bust

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In the 1980s I had just started getting involved in investing. I had a full time job, albeit a very low paying one, and I was determined to make the most of my money and see it grow. I was lucky that, unlike most of my friends, I actually enjoyed saving and investing and didn’t see it as any huge sacrifice. In fact, I looked forward to stashing away as much as I could every payday.

Over the years my investment philosophy didn’t change all that much. That’s to say, it was never all that sexy or complicated. I contributed to a 401k at work, increasing my contributions as my salary increased. I invested in my first mutual fund in the early 90s and made regular deposits. Even today, the bulk of my investments are either in a 401K or index funds.

During this time I experienced all the exhilarating…

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