Time to Slow Down

Life in quarantine can wear on a person, as all of us can now attest. A weekend at home doesn’t seem like a bad idea and one we might even enjoy given the temporary distraction and the chance to slow down.

But an entire month? Or possibly two? It can be emotional torture, testing the limits of even the most introverted among us.

Suddenly having our mobility restricted is a shock to us. We’re social beings and we’re accustomed to coming and going whenever and wherever we want. It’s not our fault. It’s just the way we are. Or were.

Still, we do it because it’s a trade-off most of us have made between boredom and subjecting ourselves to a potentially deadly virus.

Part of the problem with this radical change is that we’ve become so accustomed to being in a state of constant motion and hurriedness that we consider it the norm. If we aren’t, “hustling”, we’re being lazy, or so we’re told.

But now might be the perfect time to rewire our brains to seek some solitude and calmness on a regular basis. And I’m not merely talking about meditation and mindfulness, although both offer much in the way of getting our minds right.

I’m talking more along the lines of embracing some occasional boredom and laziness (for more on this check out my posts, “The Art of the Chill and “Hustle with Balance” at http://www.head2paper.com).

Over the past few years there’s been a trend towards a hustle mentality. Personal development experts everywhere preach the benefits of waking up at 4am, starting the day with an ice-cold shower, and practically shaming us for downtime when we could be, “hustling”, towards our goals.

But what’s missing in all of this are the benefits of doing nothing and emptying our minds of all the clutter. And now more than ever, we should consider embracing this concept that while working hard towards our goals is necessary to achieve them, doing nothing is an essential element that will help us get there.

Lay on the couch, go outside and sit with your morning coffee and take in the surroundings, go for a walk without your phone, and just let your mind wander with no goal in mind other than relaxing.

Now that we’re locked down and forced to slow down, why not embrace this new reality and shut out the noise and the guilt that comes along with the hustle mentality. I think you’ll start to consider it time well spent.


6 thoughts on “Time to Slow Down

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Sarah. Enjoy your relaxation 👊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great Post Rick.

    We don’t have full lock down here in Australia, yet. We can leave our homes but only for essential trips like shopping, health, work or exercise.

    But anyone who can (and still has a job) is working from home.

    I agree it’s a great opportunity to slow down, rest and reset.

    I think we are going to come out of all this with a shifted perspective, better priorities and appreciation of things we once took for granted. Like decluttering, there may be some things we have ‘lost’ that we never attempt to find again.

    Keep up the good work here!
    Your writing just keeps getting better and better



    1. Thank you for the support Shaun. I think you’re right. Letting some things go or removing some things, physical or otherwise, might actually stick after this is done. We’re definitely cooking more meals in and finding other ways to exercise. I’ve fully embraced walking outside, for example. Very therapeutic. Stay healthy down under. Hoping this will be over sooner than later.


  2. I really like what you said about the benefits of doing nothing. I had absolutely no understanding of this in college, but now, I’m really trying to take breaks throughout the day!


    1. Same here for the most part. I like pushing myself hard but now I feel less guilty when I take time for myself to just be chill. Thanks for the comment 😊👍


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