Where the Opportunity Lies

Some random thoughts for today. I’m always paying attention to different types of people, successful and not so successful and I’ve recognized a few things that separate the two.

After a decade or two in the workforce, the degree u received 20 years ago will mean very little and it’ll no longer be a separating factor, unless highly specialized, but even then, your peers will share most of the same credentials.

What will separate you years after you’re handed that piece of paper is mindset and how you approach your craft. There will be some who check out and won’t give a shit after a few years. They’ll be unwilling to put in the effort to improve, whether in their personal lives or in their careers.

Education is great but it won’t get you to where you want to go. It gets you to the starting line and levels the playing field. But what happens once the gun fires is always where the opportunity lies. Put in the effort, look for opportunities and stay hungry for more.


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