Stop Waiting for Normal

Too many of us have been sitting around waiting. Waiting for normal. But normal doesn’t exist. It never has. There are simply too many variables in this world to even define normal.

If we ever want to accomplish anything then, we can’t just sit around and wait for the stars to align perfectly to make things happen. There will always be something going on that we view as unusual. As “not normal.”

We’re good at making excuses though. Too good. In fact, we’re better at making excuses than we are at making things happen.

We complain about what others are doing or not doing and how others are preventing us from living a better life. This relentless focus on everybody else and circumstances outside of our control is causing many of us to live in a constant state of victimhood. Nothing good will ever come of this.

A better path forward is to completely forget about “normal”. It doesn’t exist.

Just get out there and do your thing.


2 thoughts on “Stop Waiting for Normal

  1. Agreed, Rick!

    Although your post seems more directed towards “normal” circumstances, I also like to remind my children that when it comes to people, there’s no “normal,” either. 🙂

    “What is normal?” I ask them. “Who decides what shape of nose is normal, or whether how fast you run is normal? There is no normal. There are only beautiful, unique people everywhere.”

    Blessings to you!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes we are subjected to lots of “abnormal” things in our lives but we have to find a way to push past all of it. Not always easy but possible!

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