Stop Playing the Blame Game

A victim mentality, more often than not, prevents you from achieving anything truly worthwhile in life. It’ll also prevent you from achieving true happiness. Gratitude and appreciation become non-existent and instead are replaced with a much darker, negative mindset.

Yet, I still see it everywhere. People look at their lives and blame the government, their parents, their employers, their ex-spouse, anyone but themselves.

Not surprisingly, they look to these same people or institutions to save them. This thinking usually results in hate, bitterness, and victimhood but rarely leads to anything great.

Successful, happy people, on the other hand, look at things a bit differently. They take accountability for their life, their decisions, and their successes and failures. If they don’t accomplish what they want to accomplish, they make adjustments. They don’t sit around and point their finger at others.

As we start a new week and a new month, put your blinders on and focus on what you’ll personally do to improve your life, in spite of what’s going on around you.


2 thoughts on “Stop Playing the Blame Game

  1. I love your positivity.
    There should be more people like you offering content into the world!

    And you are absolutely right – we all need to stop externalising, take responsibility and take action.

    thanks again for the motivation


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