Monday Morning

April 19th, 2021

Welcome to another Monday. A new week. A clean slate. A clear mind. Let’s get to it.

Speaking of coffee

Nobody ever got rich denying themselves the pleasure of good coffee in the morning. I’m specifically talking about buying coffee out, whether it be Starbucks or your favorite local coffee shop.

We all know you can brew a whole week’s worth of coffee at home for the same price as one coffee out, but should we really care if that’s what we really enjoy? Expenses can also be investments and in this case the investment is in yourself and your happiness. So sip away friends and ignore the financial experts who say otherwise. 

A reminder from Sir Isaac Newton

While equity markets continue to reach new highs and 401K balances exceed even our wildest expectations, just remember what goes up will eventually come down. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t be invested in stocks. To the contrary, it’s one of the only ways to accumulate enough wealth to be able to retire. Just don’t freak out too much when the market eventually tanks. Stay the course and use it as an opportunity to buy more.

Keep the tradition alive

At the very real risk of sounding like a snob here, I have a grievance.

My wife and I frequent a restaurant and at the end of our dinner, we usually order an Old Fashioned. But…at this particular establishment, the bartender keeps messing with the way the drink is made. In other words, he’s decided to get creative with a drink that doesn’t require creativity.

For one, he admitted to premixing some sort of syrupy combo at the beginning of his shift for use later in each Old Fashioned. I’m still not sure why this is even necessary since it only takes a second to add sugar to each drink, unless of course you muddle it, which you really should.

Secondly, what started out as a traditional orange peel is now some kind of orange slice that looks quite a bit like someone took a torch to it. In fact, I vaguely remember him saying he did, in fact, take a torch to it. I say “vaguely” because I was so annoyed that I had just paid $10 for an imposter Old Fashioned with burnt orange slices and a special mix of “sweetener” that I blocked everything out around me.

I don’t know, tradition matters to me. I want this type of drink the way it was served a hundred years ago. I want it made to order. Meaning starting with an empty glass and adding the ingredients step by step. Muddle the sugar in a bowl, use good whiskey, carefully cut away a fresh orange peel, and for God’s sake put the torch away.

Murder Mysteries

We’ve been watching an unhealthy number of murder mysteries lately. Dateline, 20/20, and a fair amount of the others. It’s a bit alarming that there are enough murders happening out there to support probably a dozen different shows.

Anyway, at the risk of ruining the surprise for you newcomers out there, I’ve made a few observations worth noting:

  1. There’s never a forced entry. Ever.
  2. Nothing of value is ever taken, including the $10K in cash lying in plain sight on the dresser next to the dead body.
  3. The authorities have, “never seen anything like it.”
  4. The female victims never had a need for light fixtures because their own smile could “light up a room.”
  5. It’s always the husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend, or someone they hired to do the dirty deed. It’s also for such an obscenely low price it leaves you scratching your head.

I mean, for the most part, if you can’t get away with murder after watching an unhealthy dose of these shows, you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

On that note, stay out of trouble, be safe and have a great week. See you next Monday.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Ah, The Old question of Buying the daily coffee from your favourite barista (or not)

    I have written about this a couple of times and shown how much you could save if, at the age of 20, you invested your $4 or whatever, every day, in lieu of buying that coffee.

    However I think it was Grant Sabatier who said enjoy your coffee, there are much bigger things that need fixing if you want to reach financial independence (your massive mortgage, your penchant for flying first class, or eating at a three hat restaurant every time you feel low)

    THen it was Ramit Sethi, i believe, who aspires to ‘Conscious spending’ – in other words buy what you absolutely love (coffee) but don’t buy other stuff because everyone else is, or that’s just what you do, or whatever. Lfe is too short too restrict yourself entirely, and you will give up saving if you are miserable.

    Or to Quote Paula Pant – ‘you can Afford Anything, but not Everything,’

    As for your old fashioned, i once stopped going to a bar because the only bar tender they had capable of making a decent old fashioned moved to another country.

    Thanks for the weekly coffee



    1. All great examples, Shaun. I think what it comes down to is how much enjoyment does that coffee give you? I used to go to Starbucks every single day for just a coffee. I lived a block away though. Now I live 10 miles from the nearest location so I get one maybe once a week 😦
      And keep the Old Fashioned….Old!


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