Monday Morning

April 26th, 2021

A new week and warmer temps, at least here in the midwest. I hope the weather is improving for those of you in other parts of the country and world.

Some thoughts as we head into the last week of April.

Passion is overrated

Most of us have read a motivating story or watched a YouTube video that immediately inspired us to do something great. To make some meaningful changes. But then we wake up the next day and that passion is gone, replaced instead by the reality of the situation; that whatever it is we were passionate about a few hours before is going to take an awful lot of work. That doesn’t make us negative or lazy. It makes us human. 

This is exactly why we can’t rely on passion alone to carry us from start to finish in any long term endeavor; it’s rarely sustained long enough to get the job done.

In the end, success has less to do with passion and more to do with habit, consistency and a fair amount of discipline. It’s about stringing together consecutive days of positive and efficient action towards whatever it is you want to achieve. Those actions don’t have to be earth shattering or extreme; they simply have to move you in the right direction.

Where there’s smoke there’s…cash!

The US marijuana industry has now created 300,000+ full-time jobs. In the first quarter of 2021, Illinois made more off cannabis taxes than it did off liquor taxes. Will this result in lower property taxes in Illinois? Not a chance, but at least now we have another viable option for dealing with it.

Some quotes for the week

“Burn you boats” – Apparently one Captain Cortez said this to his men in 1519 as they landed in Veracruz. Regardless of the history, it’s an important lesson.

If you leave your boat in the water, you always have the option to hop back on and return to where you came from. The old you. If you want to move forward and improve in any aspect of your life, don’t give yourself a way out. Burn your boats and leave yourself no other option but to move forward, as uncomfortable as that might be.

“In the long reeds of difficulty and pain, that’s where you find the treasure.” Prince Phillip, The Crown. Yes, I’ve started watching The Crown. An incredible Netflix original that I can’t get enough of. I have no idea if Prince Phillip ever said these words but it’s a meaningful quote, nonetheless, and I can’t think of one example in my life where this hasn’t been the case.

“Be kind but be fierce” – You can stand your ground and get what you want without being a d!ck. Be respectfully persistent.

Here’s hoping all of you have a productive and safe week. Go make some great things happen.


1 thought on “Monday Morning

  1. Ah….. If only this old codger could have the courage to burn his boats……


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