Monday Morning

June 14th, 2021


I’ve spent a lot of time on the roads and trails around me over the years and I’ve noticed something: Women are far more likely to wave, smile, or say, “hi”, than men. It’s not a scientific study by any means, but rather my own personal observations over many years so I hope that carries at least some weight.

This isn’t a recent phenomenon, however. Twenty years ago I would say the same thing. When couples walk by, many times the woman smiles and says, “hi”, while the guy looks straight ahead, or worse, looks at me and keeps walking.

I think there’s a link between this inability to acknowledge others, at least men acknowledging other men, and the fact that men don’t express themselves nearly as well as women. Men typically don’t have as many close friends and if they do spend time with other guys it usually involves drinking.

Contrast this to women, who are definitely able to put down a few beverages with the girls but also capable of socializing in other settings. too. For example, over coffee, shopping, lunch, Facetime, etc…

This deviation between the sexes has long been studied and considered at least partly responsible for men having more physical ailments than women. That’s because there’s tremendous value, physically and emotionally, in socializing with others, having meaningful friendships, admitting to faults and weaknesses, and asking for help. Women clearly have the upper hand over men in all of these examples.

Regardless of who the other person is, I almost always acknowledge them when they pass. I guess for me it’s a kind of camaraderie. We’re out there, we’re running, walking, or biking and on hot and humid days like today, I know the person passing me is experiencing what I am and yet, still pushing themselves. That, I feel, deserves some form of acknowledgement, even if it’s a simple nod of the head.


“It’s ok to experience some things without always having to take a picture.” My wife

This came up over the weekend when me and my wife saw what could quite possibly be one of the most impressive sunsets ever.

We were on our way home from dinner and there it was right in front of us, so bright it made it hard to drive. As is usually the case, I immediately reached for my phone to take a picture. Despite never owning a high quality camera, I love taking pictures. Always have I guess. But there’s some truth to what she said.

It’s always annoyed me when I see people in the front section of a concert with their phones out, either taking videos or pictures. To me it’s the equivalent of taking pictures of the animals at the zoo.

I mean, your video at the concert is going to be of very poor quality and honestly, nobody wants to watch it anyway. Not even you in a day or two. It’s just like nobody will ever want to see your picture or video of a captive giraffe at the zoo.

Sometimes it’s just better to take in the moment and be appreciative of what you’re seeing. Instead of storing it on your phone, store it in your memories instead.

Talk to you again next week, when I’ll be enjoying a much needed vacation on the beach. And yes, I will be taking some pictures but I’ll also be spending plenty of time just taking it all in.


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