Monday Morning

June 28, 2021

Welcome to the last week of June. As I write this we’re on our final day of vacation before starting our drive home tomorrow morning.

We started things off in Florida, enjoying the beach, the pool, and plenty of palm trees, and then traded all of that salt water and sand in for fresh water and mountains in Tennessee.

On Tuesday, both my wife and I will return to our normally scheduled programming at home.

Random shit I read on vacation

Apparently, a lot of damage has been done during the filming of the Fast & Furious films over the years.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, approximately 1,800 cars have been totaled thus far and that number will surely increase after a tally of the wreckage from the 9th Fast & Furious film are all added up.

Speaking of cars, who needs a ride?

Imagine pitching a business idea to friends, family and eventually potential investors that went against everything your parents ever told you: “If asked, never get in a car with a stranger. Instead, run to the nearest house and get help.”

Well, apparently parents, and millions of others around the world, have grown much more comfortable with strangers over the past few years.

Uber, the leading ride sharing company, had revenue of $11.1B in 2020 and is now, in addition to getting you to your destination, in the business of satisfying whatever your food cravings are by delivering everything from a Venti Latte to a 10 piece McNugget and large fry.

That’s it for this week. Talk again next Monday when, hopefully, I’ll be back in the rhythm of normal life.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Hi Rick

    (Happy July 4th)

    I hope you feel refreshed after your vacation.

    Curious – did you drive down to Florida then back (via Tenessee).
    Or did you drive a rental from Florida back home?

    Either way – what distance did you cover?



    1. Hey Shaun. We took our car, or “mine” as we call it (I owned it before we were married) since it’s way better on gas mileage. From our house to where we were in Florida is around 1,000 miles so 2k round trip. We have to drive past Chattanooga, TN anyway to get home so we spent a couple days there before heading back home. Was a great trip and we’re settled in now and back in the rhythm of everyday life. Yuk.
      Did u guys fly or drive?


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