Learning from the Deeply Flawed

We can learn a lot from observing those around us. There are those we admire and strive to emulate. The unselfish. The trustworthy. The honest. The hard working.

But there are also those who remind us of the qualities we wish not to exhibit. The selfish. The lying. Those who feel the law doesn’t apply, at least to them. Those forever plotting their revenge on their enemies.

They, too, serve a valuable purpose. They force us to look at ourselves and make sure we’re steering clear of any resemblance. Seeing any similarities is a shocking wake up call when what we despise in others is what we see in ourselves.

We can’t change the deplorable and corrupt. But we can eliminate them, or in some cases partially eliminate them, from our lives and shut them out of our consciousness. We can keep them from infiltrating our mindset and planting their toxic seeds.

Those who preach hate to the masses are incapable of love, compassion, and the mental capacity to see beyond themselves. They are deeply flawed individuals.

They certainly have their followers, those who share similar traits. Like hate. And revenge. And yes, ignorance. They exist in the same pathetic, self-serving orbit. Gravity is a powerful force and the bigger and more powerful the object, the stronger the pull.

Despite all of this, continue along your own path. Accept that there will always be those who desire power for personal gain and those who wish to mold the world around them to fit their destructive vision…at the expense of everyone else. Including, ironically, their own followers.

As bad as these people are, take something from them: A lesson on how not to be.


2 thoughts on “Learning from the Deeply Flawed

  1. Continue to your own path….

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