Do We Really Need More?

I woke up this morning in my king sized bed and went to get my coffee in the kitchen. It was already waiting for me because I programmed the coffee maker the night before so it would be brewed at precisely the right time for my optimal enjoyment.

Some mornings I’ll even pre-order a Starbucks coffee from my phone so when I get there it’ll be waiting for me at the counter. Click. No more lines. It’s like magic. Finally I’ll take a seat at my desk, looking at my two huge 27″ monitors, and begin my work day.

After work I sometimes sit on my couch and watch a show. It doesn’t matter what show because any movie, any series, and any video I desire is a couple of clicks away. Within a few seconds I can be enjoying it all on my 60″ television which I have mounted over my fireplace. Which, by the way, I can control by simply flipping a switch.

On weekends I might drive downtown for dinner and a couple of drinks, with some of those drinks being quite pricey. In warmer weather I’ll sometimes sit outside and listen to live music, not pricey at all but free.

I eventually get tired though so I return to my king sized bed. But before I do, I make sure to turn my air conditioning down to a level my parents would never even consider.

It’s not a bad life. But despite all of these creature comforts, I still hear and see far too many examples of entitlement, especially over the past few years. Jeff Bezos is now considered worse than Satan himself, yet millions of us, probably the majority of us, order from Amazon on a regular basis propelling his net worth higher and higher.

I think I used to have some anger towards those who took a much bigger piece of the pie for dessert. But not for quite a while. It no longer serves a purpose.

Now, I can honestly say I don’t spend one minute of one day ever feeling bitter or sorry for myself when I see someone else with a higher net worth, a nicer house, or a better lifestyle. I just don’t care anymore. My focus is on raising my game. Not judging theirs. Hypothetically, if they had less, would I have more? Not likely. If they gave all of their money away, would the world be a perfect place to live? Even less likely.

I appreciate what I have. There will always be those with more. Sometimes a lot more. But just because they have more, doesn’t mean I don’t have enough.

Have a great Monday and a great week everybody,


4 thoughts on “Do We Really Need More?

  1. I love this. It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game and feel resentment…bringing the focus back to oneself is powerful.

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    1. It definitely is. Gotta keep your blinders on so to speak.


  2. Hi Rick
    We were walking around our Ghost town of a city yesterday (we are about to clock up 3 months of Lockdown V.02) and noticing all the shops, restaurants and bars that are closed for now, or closed forever.
    On one hand – horribly sad for the business owners and their staff.
    On the other – I felt overwhelmed by the options to shop, spend and consume.
    In fact, The ‘lack’ of these open businesses seemed to make them stand out more than when the city was busy full of shoppers shopping and consumers consuming.
    Last year, Lockdown #1 caused us to seriously reassess what we spend our money on.
    I think we will likely cut out EVEN MORE this time around.
    But as you have noted, we are investing more in things that we like (rather than what we are supposed to like) and investing in ourselves and what genuinely ads value to ‘us’.
    Thanks for making me think and reflect (again)

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    1. Thanks Shaun. Sorry to hear you’re still in lock down. Will this ever end?

      Anyway, yes, frugality and minimalism aren’t always about denying ourselves the things we truly enjoy. It’s cutting back on the things we spend our money on that don’t add much value.

      I don’t buy clothes as often bc I have several options that I like when we go out. That’s enough for me. Also we’ll split a meal sometimes when we go out (save calories, save money). We refinanced our house last year and saved $200/mo which made me literally jump up and down. We swapped cable for Hulu and saved $100/mo, too. I find it extremely satisfying to find new ways to cut back!

      So, good luck on your financial journey and hope you can find even more costs to eliminate!



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