I’m Moving to California

When I was 16, I told my mom, “When I graduate from high school, I’m moving to California.”

“I had a dream, I had an awesome dream.”

I never did. I was way too scared and way too timid. But I’ve been several times since I made my declaration. Tasting Napa. “Hints of tobacco and licorice.” Tasting pleasure.

Standing on the mountains. Feeling the desert heat. Seeing the palms sway. Paradise.

Overlooking the blue sky and mountains, feeling that late September breeze, I’m reminding myself of what I said all those years ago. Now a much different person, I’m smiling to myself and thinking, “It might not have happened as I predicted, but it happened, still.”

Have a great Monday,


Photo Credit: Rick L Johnson @www.head2paper.com

2 thoughts on “I’m Moving to California

  1. Good morning / Evening

    Assuming you’re NOT actually moving to CA? Or are you? 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well…no. But…I want to. We’ll probably relocate in the next few years, just not sure where. I need that time to convince the wife lol. It might not be realistic bc most places in southern Cal are outrageously expensive. Stay tuned.


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