Redefine “Hustle”

A short note on this Friday morning.

So much has been written about the hustle mentality. The rise and grind, the cold showers at 5am to get the day started, the constant pursuit of a goal. For some this works. In fact, it’s exactly how they want to live their life. They thrive in this environment.

For me, it just makes me feel exhausted. So for all of you who seek success but with a little more balance, and who have no interest in taking an ice cold shower in order to make everything else that day seem easy, and who don’t want to put in 60 hours a week, I’m telling you: None of it is necessary to accomplish some pretty impressive shit in your life.

There’s more than one way to get what you want. Do it on your own terms.

Enjoy the weekend,


2 thoughts on “Redefine “Hustle”

  1. Cold showers suck!

    That being said I regularly get up at +/- 5 am (to meditate, yoga, and exercise).

    I steadfastly refuse (or try to) work on weekends ( I almost succumbed this weekend) and guess what – I’m doing pretty great.

    In my late 20s, I got burned out from working to midnight 7 days a week for at least 6 months.
    I took 6 weeks off and went backpacking around Europe.

    When I returned I refused to work more than 9-6 and got pulled aside for my sudden (perceived) reduced work ethic.

    The truth was, I realised that productivity on long work days was greatly diminished, and if i focused on working efficiently and with direction, i got more work done in less time. Not only that, the quality of my work went up. Turns out my boss couldn’t have been happier, as the house I helped design took of 3 major awards.

    Work fewer hours, achieve more.
    Who knew?

    Enjoy your week


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    1. Shit. I replied to this and it disappeared! I think…Anyway, in summary…cold showers are evil. And so is waking up a 5am! Honestly, I wish I could wake up that early. When I’m forced to, it’s very peaceful and I love it. But my usual wake-up time is stuck at 7-7:30am. Still, I find without a doubt that mornings, regardless of wake up time, are hands down my most productive. Might have to do with coffee?

      And yes, it’s not how many hours a person works but what they do in those hours. I don’t recall ever working over 50 hours and in college I never pulled an all-nighter. Mostly because I was very organized and focused.

      Interesting about the quality of the work you produced after working more sensible hours. Congrats on the awards. Very impressive and I’m sure very rewarding!



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