The Benefits of Doing Nothing

I remember reading an interview with Rick Rubin, the producer of many great albums, ranging from the Beastie Boys and Metallica to Johnny Cash and the Dixie Chicks. In the interview he was demonstrating the best way to listen to music and proceeded to lie down on his couch, put his headphones on, and close his eyes. Nothing else.

Warren Buffett, perhaps the greatest investor of all time, has said he mostly does two things every day: He reads and he thinks. A routine he attributes to his success.

In this ridiculously hectic and connected world, I really believe in the benefits of doing “nothing”. I view it not as laziness but as a form of meditation; a time to let my mind wander and shut out the constant noise.

It might sound counterintuitive given the ongoing mantra of the hustle culture, but give it a shot. You might be surprised.

Have a great Monday,


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