Is Elon Musk Really, “Person of the Year”?

Elon Musk on the cover of Time Magazine crowned, “Person of the Year”; Jeff Bezos going to space with other ultra-wealthy individuals; The focus on Mark Zuckerberg and his “eccentricities.”

Meanwhile, Warren Buffett, arguably the greatest investor of all time, sits quietly in his Omaha, Nebraska office, reading, thinking, analyzing.

At 91 he’s lived in the same house since 1958, consumes at least 5 Cokes a day, and his kids had to convince him to replace his aging Cadillac with a new one.

All of this while being worth an estimated $100 billion. And that net worth, as impressive as it is, would be closer to $200 billion had he not given half of it away.

He doesn’t own crypto, doesn’t want to go to space, doesn’t day trade, and doesn’t want to live, “where the action is.”

A simple man living his dream, doing what he loves, and as he says, “tap dancing to work every day.”

The loudest, attention driven person isn’t always the smartest and certainly isn’t always the happiest.

Shut out the noise.


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