Suffering Isn’t the Answer to Climate Change

I remember many years ago observing the neighbors at my apartment complex. No matter what the temperature was in the summer, they would have their windows open.

Now, this could’ve been to save money on energy bills, but as I’ve learned from a few friends and acquaintances over the years, it very likely could’ve been because of their belief that it was better for the environment if they didn’t use the AC.

But I remember thinking at the time, and still now, that human suffering isn’t the answer. Extreme sacrifice isn’t the answer. As humans, we’ve undeniably damaged our planet. Science doesn’t lie. Still, even as we’re presented with that fact, we can’t suffer our way out of the problem.

Instead, we need to look to technology. We all want to be comfortable. We all want to enjoy the things that make us happy. The solution though isn’t eating less meat or not using the AC, but coming up with solutions that will allow us to still enjoy those things without damaging the world we live in.  

We already see these changes in the form of battery powered vehicles, solar panels, and advancements in a wide variety of industries. And the good news for us is that this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned.


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